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           China:  .005 Cents per minute
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* Free Polycom phone and Cisco ATA and 1 year of free service with standard 12 year contract. Phones or ATAs may be refurbished or similar.  Call quality is guaranteed by the Level 9 Internet backbone MOS score.  IP packet shaping and bi-directional QOS delivery comes standard with all 9X9 Central accounts.  Photos of professional models.

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Leveraging the Level 9 Internet Backbone to Provide Our Customers With Perfect Clarity on Every Call!

Call Quality Assured by our Service Level Guarantee

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"We've used 9X9 Central for four years and have never had a single dropped call."   Carol Thompsen

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"One phone went down and 9X9 had a replacement to us the next morning."    Martha Reed

"I have a daily conference call with our factory in London and they've always been crystal clear."   Roger Corothers

"I have a phone in my home and at our summer home. I can work from anyplace and every call sounds great."    Bob Needhem

"I can't tell you how much I love our new phone system. It works great!"     Mary Helstrom

"We tried all of the other Hosted VoIP services and our fax machine wouldn't work with any of them. Even the voice calls dropped all the time. Both voice and our fax work fine on 9X9."     Mike Harden

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